Finding A Dog Training Book That Works For You and Your Dog

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Finding A Dog Training Book That Works For You and Your Dog

by Mylar Skye

When searching for a great dog training book, look for those dog authors who use humane training methods and have similar goals as yourself. Choose a book that uses training that you feel comfortable with. It does not make sense to get a book that suggests using shock collars if you'd never put one on your pet. Think about how your dog relates to the authors training methods. If your dog is an older pet, then don't buy a book meant for training misbehaving puppies. Look for a book that coincides with your dog, your beliefs and the results that you're looking for.

If you're looking for a dog training book to help you with your new puppy, then find a book that offers obedience training and early behavior problem solving. Are the techniques used in the book easy enough to carry out? Do you have access to any tools needed, such as a choke collar? Remember, just because the cover of the book shows a puppy that is as cute as your own, doesn't mean the techniques in the book work. Look for good reviews on the book and pet owners who say the book gives good and useful information.

Some dog training books come with videos which can be very helpful. If you are a visual person, a video or books with clear illustrations will be beneficial. If you still aren't sure which dog training books are best, ask friends, family and even your veterinarian for recommendations. Most dog owners will tell you about books that have practical ideas that work. Don?t count on just one book to tell you everything about training. You may need to purchase a book on obedience and another on potty training. Most authors of dog training books own pets themselves and will write about the way their own dog was trained. This may or may not work for your dog, so be open to new suggestions and look through a few books before deciding on one particular way of training.

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