Five Easy Ways to Raise a Great Puppy

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Five Easy Ways to Raise a Great Puppy

by Paul J Easton

Have you read the wonderful book about Marley, the ?worst dog in the world?? Marley was ?behaviorally challenged? from puppyhood until the end of his days, but well-loved by his oft-frustrated owner. You may not be raising the worst puppy in the world, but there?s no doubt that these little critters are loving, lovable and yes, challenging! From housebreaking accidents to the shredding of a couch pillow by your teething pup, you?ll need a lot of patience and even more love. Here are some tips for raising a really great puppy:

-Provide your pup with the best veterinary care and nutrition during his first year. He needs all his vaccinations and nutritional puppy food for a full year while his bones and muscles are growing. A healthy puppy is a joy, even if he is rowdy and rambunctious at times! Pups that grow ill from poor food and lack of vet care won?t have that boundless energy that is so much fun.

-Socialize, socialize, socialize! From the day he comes into your home, start teaching your puppy the rules of the house. Help him get used to his new home; the location of his food and water bowls, where he sleeps, places that are off-limits, what are his toys vs. your new suede leather shoes, and appropriate manners. Make sure you touch and hold him a lot so he learns that it?s safe to be with people. New pups miss their mother and their litter-mates, so don?t be surprised if your little one want to snuggle in your lap or draped around your neck! He needs to feel secure, warm, and loved.

-It?s playtime! Puppies have a lot of excess energy to work off, so if you don?t want him running through the house like he was shot from a cannon, bowling over anything or anybody in his way, give him lots of indoor and outdoor playtime. Puppies love to play ?throw and chase.? He may not get the ?fetch? thing, but if you throw it, he?ll chase it! Tug-of-war is always a favorite, too. A tug rope dog toy or just one of your old socks ignites his instinct to lock his jaws and pull! This is great for teething pups ? it?s huge fun and it helps him shed those little needle-teeth that, being razor sharp, have snared your finger more than once.

-Puppies live by the rule ?Because I love you, I know you?ll love me back.? And he does love you ? absolutely and unconditionally. He lives and breathes for the moments you spend with him, whether you?re playing, eating, going for a walk, or curled up on the bed for a nap; all your puppy wants is to be by your side. Don?t disappoint him! You can crate-train him to sleep quietly in his bed while you?re at work, but when you come home he?ll be duct-taped to your side!

-Keep your puppy safe. He?s only a baby ? not knowing what?s good for him and what can hurt him. Pups will try anything; he?ll chew plant leaves that could poison him, he?ll get into chemicals, and he?ll be inquisitive about that rattlesnake that made its way into your wooded back yard! It?s up to you to protect him from himself by supervising where he is and what he?s doing. If he?s too quiet, chances are he?s up to no good!

There is an ancient legend of the Cherokee Nation: Early in creation, man and animals lived side by side. But one day the Great Spirit decided to separate man from the animals by giving man an eternal soul. The Great Spirit caused a huge chasm to open in the earth with man on one side and the animals on the other side. The chasm grew wider and wider until, at the very last moment, the dog jumped across the chasm to stand by man.

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