Five Good Reasons to Add a Dog to the Family Photo

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Five Good Reasons to Add a Dog to the Family Photo

by Valentina Bellicova

Running in the parks, walking on city sidewalks, heads hanging out car windows ? they seem to be everywhere! Eager to please, loyal to the end. Who? What? Man?s best friend, that?s who ? dogs!

Some of us may have grown up with a family dog, others longed for and envied those who had one. You?re on your own now and while the thought of having a family dog is heartwarming, you?re not sure if you are ready to take on the responsibility. But then everything in life comes with a responsibility and whether you are considering a dog just for you or because you have a growing family of your own, here are some really good reasons why man?s best friend should be in your Family Photo.

Reason 1 ? Great Companion

What?s the first clue? Man?s best friend. Absolutely! A dog is completely non judgmental ? it will love you no matter what. Doesn?t ask for much ? just a warm bed, a full tummy and a little bit of care and attention, like a walk or two a day. For this you will be rewarded with sloppy kisses, unconditional love, a set of adoring eyes and an eagerness to please.

Reason 2 ? Staying Fit

Did I say walk? Of course. You would not be happy being cooped up in the same spot day in and day out and neither would your dog. You need exercise and so does your dog. Nothing like a brisk short walk in the morning to clear the head, get your metabolism going and build up an appetite for a healthy breakfast. An evening walk can be longer to burn of those calories you had for dinner. Taking your dog for its daily walk will keep you off the couch and the pounds off your body!

Reason 3 ? Burglar Alarm

While you don?t necessarily want an attack dog, one that sounds the presence of an intruder is certainly most welcome. It does not matter whether you live in a big house or a small apartment, your dog?s natural instinct to bark as the first line of defense will sound the alarm of an unwelcome presence in your home. Even a chihuahua smaller than a teacup can sound the alert!

Reason 4 ? Stress Relief

Believe it or not, dogs are therapeutic. Studies show that people in assisted living homes are much more alert and eager in the presence of a dog, so much so that ?doggie visits? are often part of the daily routine of such facilities. Whenever I find myself home alone, I somehow feel calm and grounded simply knowing that my dog is there whether he is in the same room with me or not. It must be the feeling of the warmth of a dog soul ? I am sure of it!

Reason 5 ? Good Teacher

Dogs keep us honest. If you have a growing family, a dog will give endless pleasure to your children and teach them valuable lessons of responsibility and accountability. But a family is just a word ?it can be many or it can be you and the dog for a family of two. No matter the reason, invite a dog into your life, you?ll be glad you did.

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