Five Tips for Making Your Dog Training More Effective

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Five Tips for Making Your Dog Training More Effective

by Lynn Reynolds

1. Do not reward bad behavior.
Many dog owners want to discourage their dogs of many behaviors, but make the mistake of
rewarding the bad behavior. If your dog jumps on you for attention, do not tell your dog to get
down. When you do this, you are giving the dog exactly what he wants?your undivided attention.
Instead, turn your back on your dog and only give him attention when he is being good.

2. Be consistent.
Dogs need a routine. Make sure you are not sending mixed messages to your dog. Is it ok for your
dog to jump up on one person but not another? Do you use different words for the same
command? Make sure everyone in your household is on the same page when it comes to training
your pooch. Use one word or short phrase for every command you are trying to teach and use them

3. One trick at a time.
Sure, you are dreaming of the day when your dog will sit, roll over, and fetch your slippers.
However, don?t overload your dog with too many commands at one time. Start by introducing one
command a week. After your dog has mastered this new command teach them a new trick. Of
course, don?t stop using your old commands when you are teaching the new ones. It?s always good
to reinforce what the dog knows.

4. Find out what motivates your dog.
Some dogs are easier to train than others. If you are lucky, your dog will want nothing more than to
simply please you. If you have a normal dog, however, she is more likely to be motivated by food
or toys. Try different incentives to find out what your dog prefers, and your training will go a lot faster.

5. Be positive.
It might seem like a long road, but you are on the path to a well behaved dog. Allows approach the
training in a good mood and use it as a time to bond with your dog. Don?t yell or get angry if your
dog is not learning as fast as you would like him to. That will just slow the process down more.
Instead, examine how you are training the dog and make sure you are following the tips listed above.

Lynn loves all dogs, especially well-behaved ones.
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