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For a Happy Loveable Dog Spay

by Jennifer Ivey

Your female dog will appreciate the freedom you have given her in life through your decision to spay. There are many behavioral and medical benefits to spaying and neutering your pet. You will also be doing your part in helping reduce this countries pet overpopulation problem. Millions of dogs and cats are euthanized each year because there are too many animals to adopt and not enough homes for them.

Below are some facts and medical benefits of spaying your female dog.

1. Your dog will have an 80% less chance of contracting Breast Cancer.

2. There is a decreased chance of developing Cystic Ovaries and Uterine Infections.

3. Decrease in the desire to roam. Female dogs will roam the street in search of a mate.

4. The desire to mark is eliminated. Non-spayed female dogs will regress in potty training because they need to release pheromones in their urine to attract male dogs. They will urinate inside the house or leave their scent outdoors.

5. Spaying your dog will stop the frantic pacing and crying during the heat cycle.

6. The annoying problem of blood stains on the carpet and furniture is avoided.

7. The worry of what to do with unplanned litters is eliminated. In addition, you will help decrease the overpopulation problem by not bringing unwanted puppies into the world.

8. You will have a much calmer dog that is motivated to please you rather than be preoccupied with undesirable sexual behavior.

9. Dogs enter puberty around 6 months of age. Spaying is beneficial at any age but especially before your dog enters puberty. At puberty your dog will become more stubborn and protective so it is best to spay before the negative behavioral problems start.

Below are some myths of spaying your female dog.

1. Spaying is much easier on your dog before their first heat cycle or pregnancy due to the smaller size of reproductive tract.

2. Your dog will not become fat or lazy from the surgery. This will happen from too much food or not enough exercise.

3. The surgery will not hurt your dog. Spaying is a relatively painless procedure done by a licensed veterinarian.

4. You may not be able to find a good home for the puppies. Every time you do place a puppy in a new home there is another animal that is euthanized because they couldn't find a home.

Your dog will be free to love and please you and be a member of the family with improved health and behavior. Please do your part to help the millions of unwanted animals that are euthanized each year and spay your female dog.

Jennifer Ivey is a positive reinforcement Dog Trainer and Dog Behaviorist who writes articles on many dog related topics. Read more of Jennifer's articles at

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