Free Dog Toys For Happy Puppies

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Free Dog Toys For Happy Puppies

by Aidan Bindoff

You don't need to spend a fortune to keep your pet entertained. Your dog or puppy will love these dollar saving ideas.

Buy your Peanut Butter in plastic jars instead of glass jars. When you have finished, your dog will have hours of fun cleaning the last smears out of the old jar. Glass jars can potentially break and injure your dog or chip teeth, whereas plastic jars are less risky. Make sure your dog can't get his head or jaw stuck inside the jar, and always supervise. This is a good toy for when you're watching a DVD and can't occupy puppy.

Put food in old toilet rolls or cereal boxes and fold the ends shut. Your dog will have great fun figuring out how to get the food out! He can either destroy the box or tube, or make a hole and shake the food out.

Old plastic (PET) soft drink bottles can also be used as a food dispensing toy. Put some kibble in and leave the lid off. Your dog will have hours of fun batting at the bottle or shaking it with his mouth to get the food out.

Filling empty plastic (PET) soft drink bottles with rice or dried peas can also be fun for dogs who don't mind making a bit of noise. If your dog or puppy has been known to destroy plastic bottles, they are better given as toys only when you can supervise.

10" lengths of garden hose make great chew toys, so long as you are able to teach your dog the difference between the cut-off garden hose and the real garden hose you water your lawn with.

Old catalogues and junk mail will keep a young puppy entertained, shredding and destroying as puppies like to do. Just be careful not to give your pet catalogues that have staples in them. Make it obvious that it's ok to destroy things you give puppy to destroy, but if you catch puppy stealing your newspaper or mail, clap your hands loudly and redirect puppy onto something 'legal' to destroy outside.

I hope you and your dog have fun with these free dog toy ideas!

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