Free Dog Training Tips Three Basic Things You Must Know

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Free Dog Training Tips Three Basic Things You Must Know

by Paul Favors

?Why doesn?t my dog sit when I tell him to?? ?How can I get my dog to come to me when I call him?? ?Will I ever get my dog to go on the paper?? If any of these questions sound familiar to you, then you need to commit a little time to some basic dog training. This article will provide you with some free dog training tips to help you begin educating your canine friend today.

Free Dog Training Tip #1 - Teaching Your Dog to Come

Teaching your dog to come is one of the most basic elements of his training. However, this technique requires a great deal of repetition. The easiest way to teach your dog to come is to hold a toy in one hand and a treat in the other. Walk away from your dog while holding out the toy and cheerfully beckoning him to you. When he comes to you, give him the treat. Be sure to use the same command for ?come? at all times in order to reinforce the expected behavior. Repeat this process several times a day, but don?t forget to incorporate several long breaks so your dog doesn?t get bored. After all, you do want him to have fun.

Free Dog Training Tip #2 - Teaching Your Dog to Sit

Teaching your dog to sit can be a little more difficult than teaching him to come. Once your dog has learned to come at your command, them call him to you and put your hand on the end of his back. With your hand on his back, tell your dog to ?sit? while gently pushing down on his backside. Once your dog sits down, give him a treat and lots of praise. If you want your dog to sit longer, then just take a little more time in giving him the reward and the praise.

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