Free Housebreaking Help for Your Puppy Where to Go

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Free Housebreaking Help for Your Puppy Where to Go

by Aidan Bindoff

Housebreaking your new puppy is one of the most important things you can do. It is also the most frustrating puppy training task by far. If you have a new puppy, or haven't house-trained a puppy for a while it can be a rather daunting task - so where do you go for help? Find out in this informative article!

Puppies aren't born knowing that it's not ok to poo or pee inside the house. Inside a puppy's mind, carpet is the ideal toiletting surface! It is absorbent and retains odours. Puppies will toilet in places where they or others have been before, and they know where they have been in the past because the smell of feces or urine (in particular) will hang around for years unless it is cleaned out with an enzyme based cleaner.

The same is true even on timber, vinyl or tiled floors. Dogs have an amazing sense of smell!

There are several tricks to make the process of house-training easier. The first is crate-training. By crate-training you can almost entirely eliminate toilet training accidents at night, and seriously reduce the likelihood of house training accidents during the day.

Why is this important? The less accidents puppy makes, the faster puppy learns to go outside and not inside. It's as simple as that. Of course, it's nice not to have to clean up as many accidents, too.

The problems is that crate training alone is not the answer. Crate training is also not without problems. The good news is that there is help available, and some of it is even free!

The Yahoo Group, is an excellent resource for people housebreaking their own puppy. The advice is sensible, and free. The list is fully moderated to elminate spam and reduce volume.

Another great resource is Positive Petzine, a free ezine for people training their own dog or puppy.

Aidan Bindoff is Editor of Positive Petzine, and moderates on the Doghousebreaking list.

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