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French Bulldogs

by Kent Pinkerton

French bulldogs trace their origin back to England. Most of the French dogs today are descendents of English bulldogs

The French warmed up to the strange-looking creature and began rearing the dog within their country. Over the years, the French bulldog acquired its own characteristics, and it now looks different from its English ancestors. The French bulldog has front facing, rounded bat ears and a very lively expression. It is a stocky creature and weighs around 28 pounds. French bulldogs normally have a medium sized muscular body and bright expressive eyes.

French bulldogs have unique, upright ""bat"" ears. They are genial dogs, with a happy look about them. In fact, it does appear that they constantly have a smile on their faces. With short and stout legs, short tails and ears, they come in a variety of colors -- the most common being a mix of black and brown. As is common with their breed, they do not require much grooming. Their coat is short, dense and smooth ? they may be said to be maintenance free.

French bulldogs are good watchdogs, and they are a friendly breed. They make friends quite easily and are happy to wag their short tails at strangers. They have an out-going personality and are generally warm and affectionate. They adapt easily to a new environment and like to receive attention from their owners.

French bulldogs are difficult to breed. As a result, there are not too many of them around. The litter of a French bulldog at the most bears three pups. They mature slowly and their life span ranges 12 and 14 years. As with their English counterparts, French bulldogs are sensitive to heat. They are not the sort of a dog that can be left alone in a car for they may get overheated. They are extremely intelligent and often end up as permanent fixture in the life of their owners.

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