Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Health Problems

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Health Problems

by Rich Fuller

There are many dog health questions for which suitable explanation is required for the pet owners. They may be caring their beloved pet animal, dog as informed by the neighbour or friend etc. The best thing that they can do is to get their doubts cleared from the veterinarian. Here is the discussion about few dog health questions.

How deal with constipation of a puppy?
It is the normal behavior of the puppy not going to the toilet for couple of days as he/she will be nervous when they have moved in to a new place. If the puppy is drinking and eating normally, there is no need for tension. The pet owner can wait for another twenty four hours. In the mean time, make the pup walk for some time. Try to give natural laxative like banana. Also make sure that you are giving the same food that the breeder was giving. Even after all these, constipation persists, and then takes the dog to the veterinarian to find out the cause and get the animal relieved from constipation.

What should I do incase my dog is constantly licking his rectum area?
The dog licking at the rectum area indicates that there is some problem with the anal gland. Anal gland infections are very common in pet animals especially dogs. Impaction of the anal gland is possible if the stool is soft or if the gland is overactive. The pet owner must understand that some dogs needs expression of the anal sacs while some other dogs do not require that in their life time. Excessive licking in the rectal area is the indication that the dog requires anal sac expression. Bad smell and disturbance in the bowel movements are the other indications that inform us that the dog require anal sac expression.

Do the dogs really need exercise?
The dogs do require exercise for healthy life. The duration of the time required for exercise varies from breed to breed. In general the younger dogs can manage exercise better than the older dogs as they will fitter and healthier than the older ones. Besides the heart problems and other health problems will be much less in younger dog. But the point to be noted here is that the younger dogs will damage their joints and ligaments if the exercise is excessive and wrong. The pet owner must feed the dog extra when they are under exercise regime. These dogs will need extra salt as the same will be lost more during workouts.

There list of dog health question is ever burgeoning one, for more information it is better to get in touch with the veterinarian.

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