From Puppy To Adult Start Your Dog Obedience Training On The Right Path

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From Puppy To Adult Start Your Dog Obedience Training On The Right Path

by Ruth Bird

Puppy 2-3 weeks old

This is the stage where you puppy will start to respond to his environment. He will slowly start to crawl around, and recognize his "mommy" and "siblings". Remember that before you ever start your dog obedience training, your puppy's dog mom will start by teaching him doggy behavior.

Your Puppy At 3-4 Weeks

Your puppy will go through the sensory development stage. He will know his surroundings and recognize you and your family members. Try and be calm and not too loud around your puppy at this stage. Loud noises, lots of activity could have an impact on your puppy at this point in his development. Your puppy will learn to be a dog now, so do not remove your puppy from it?s four legged mommy and siblings. His doggy mommy will need her own time to train her puppy.

Your Puppy at 4-7 Weeks

At this stage your puppy learns manners from its doggy mother. He will learn all about the leader of the pack at this stage. It is at this stage that you can start to wean your puppy.

Start handling the puppies at this point, but, not for more then about 15 minutes at a time. Puppies that are removed to early can have "dog" development problems. Your puppy will need to stay with its doggy family till 7-8 weeks of age. This will give him optimum dog development time.

Make sure you let your puppy become a "dog".

Your Puppy at 8 weeks to 12 weeks

Your puppy is learning about family life in your home. This is NOT the time for heavy duty training, or serious corrections. This is the time to gently start to teach your dog to fit into his family.

His bladder and bowel control will increase at this stage. More free time for you! You can begin to train your puppy for some easy commands like: come, sit, stay, and down. Leash training can also start at this stage. Do not isolate your dog because this is the time he learns how to interact in your environment.

Your puppy at 12-16 weeks, the rebellious age

This is the age where your puppy gets his own mind, ideas and he will try to outsmart you.

He will start play biting, and you will need to stop this right at the beginning.

This is a good time to play with your puppy. But, do not play rough games and teach your puppy to be rough with humans. He will believe that "winning" at these games means he has become the dominant in the human pack.

Your puppy at 4-6 Months

This is the stage where your puppy will test you to your limits. Be firm, but gentle! He will also go through that horrid teething stage. Do some internet searching on this subject for tools to help you both get through this intact. Frozen bones will sooth him during this period.

Teach him at this point to "play" gently with the kids. Never, ever let your puppy off a leash near traffic or near any place where he could get hurt. He may come back to you 3 times, but the fourth he WON?T!

This is the time for neutering or spaying, if that is the route you would like to go.

6-18 Months ? The growing up to adulthood months

He is really learning everything YOU choose for him to learn. So, take advantage of this time period. What you teach today you will not have to correct tomorrow.

Always be realistic. Teach yourself how to train your dog. There are good internet courses available. Teach your dog to be sociable also, take him to a training class to learn this.

And, do seek the advice of a dog professional for training and dog equipment. This is very important.

Ruth is actively involved with the internet and she finds it very exciting. Her passions are people and pet health. She is a wife, a stepmom a dog owner and a business person. She is married for almost 30 years to Chris who has been, and still is, battling the monster MS. Two of her dogs are Certified Therapy Dogs. She is currently working from her home.

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