Fundamentals Of Dog Training The Choice

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Fundamentals Of Dog Training The Choice

by Michael Russell

Training your new puppy can be an overwhelming task if you're not somewhat prepared. A new puppy has the capability to demand much of your time and wear down your patience. Fundamentally speaking, once the puppy is home, patience and consistency are two of the basic necessities for successful training. One must keep in mind that the puppy is new to your environment. Patience is a word in which you will and must become very familiar. That same patience is a skill you must use even before the dog enters your front door.

Before we get too much ahead of ourselves, so much of the training success, or lack of, is determined well before the puppy comes home. Yes, before puppy comes home. In other words, choosing the correct breed type and temperament are critical for a happy union between canine and human.

The choice of dog, meaning breed, is the first decision potential dog owners need to make and make responsibly. Consideration must be taken as to the eventual size that the dog will become. All dogs grow up to be adults and some of those adults can well exceed one hundred pounds.

Do some research and determine the size of the dog you would want when the dog matures. Do you want a tiny little lap dog or a bigger dog that will rumble and be more physical?

Different breeds require a variety of different life styles. Sport and work breeds need to be active and busy otherwise you'll have a frustrated and unhappy dog. The breeds that herd absolutely need to gather and herd so look out, you and your family may be the herded ones if you're not prepared to accommodate the dog. Some other breeds are excessive barkers which is simply their nature. They have been bred to do so. Do not expect to eliminate the natural instincts of a dog. Again, do some research and find characteristics within a particular breed that suits your life style. Start off with a breed that actually compliments the way you live. The two of you will then tend to work well together.

Once you feel you have established the correct breed for you or your family, the next huge decision is choosing the one particular dog from that breed that is just the right one. Believe me, when you go to meet the puppies, they will all be so very cute and wonderful. So much so that I would also recommend to first check out the puppies without bringing the children along.

Give yourself an opportunity to first see and spend some time with the dogs without your children influencing your decision. The choice will be difficult enough without the added confusion and excitement. Never make your final decision too quickly. Take your time and consider each little pooch's personality. Some may be rather aggressive, jumping and barking. Others may be quiet and shy. You might want to consider a puppy that is somewhere in between those two extreme personalities. Attempt to choose the puppy that is calm but responsive to your attention. Look for clear eyes, ears and nose. Make an effort to roll the dog on its back and see if it will allow you to do so. This usually indicates a trusting, cooperative little one.

Following these very basic beginning suggestions may lead to a wonderful, loving relationship. Making a wise choice before bringing the puppy home gives the individual doing the training a definite advantage.

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