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Gee Your Dog Smells Nice

by Eric Hartwell

Good news! Not only could YOU have long, black, shiny, and dandruff-free hair? Now, even your beloved little Yorkshire terrier could also enjoy the lovely hair that he has.

With our technology today, industries and businesses have figured out a way to let the dogs have a bit of pampering for themselves. A lot of dog products are out in the market including dog food, soap, and of course, dog shampoo. There are also different kinds of shampoo. Of course, there is the regular bath detangling shampoo for pet dogs, the flea shampoo, medicated dog shampoo, and the new product lines such as the hair color enhancing shampoo and waterless dog shampoo.

It is important that pet owners know the right kind of product to use for their own pets. It would be disastrous if you buy something that your dog does not need, and worse than that, something that your dog has allergic reactions to. To avoid this, first, you should know what your dog needs and which kinds or brands it is allergic to. You could then decide what to buy. But be sure to read the back labels of each product that you are interested in buying. For a little background on these products, let us examine them a little more closely.

Tangle-Free Locks

The regular detangling serums are the one we most commonly find in the stores and markets. They make our dogs? hair smell nice and tangle-free. These shampoos come in different scents that you can choose from.

Flea-Free Hair

Next is the flea shampoo. As the name suggests, this shampoo helps eliminate your pet?s little pets?the annoying fleas. However, if there is no stock for this, you could also use the more common flea powder.

Medicated Shampoo

Medicated dog shampoos have different composition than regular-scented shampoos because they are mixed together with special medications depending on what your pet dog needs. Dogs can have a number of skin diseases and this should immediately be reported to the veterinarian for prescription of the right medication.

Color Enhancers

The color enhancing shampoo works best for white dogs since the more familiar brands are the whitening brands. However, there are also color-enhancing shampoos for the colored dogs but it is more difficult to find in the market.


And then, we have the waterless dog shampoo which as the name implies, does not need water for application. If you?re having trouble in giving your pet a bath, you could readily use this rinse-free shampoo.


But for those who could afford to and do not have enough time apply multiple shampoo treatments to their dogs, there are also multi-purpose shampoos in pet stores. These are the shampoos which have all the features in one.

As a parting advice, you should always take care of your pet dog and observe proper grooming. Invest in a good branded shampoo and other dog products so that you would get the best value for your money. Not only would you be happy for the purchase, but most especially your beloved dog would thank you for being the best owner ever.

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