Get Control of Your Pets Diet With Recipes For Homemade Dog Food

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Get Control of Your Pets Diet With Recipes For Homemade Dog Food

by Peter Drivas

As a dog owner, I found myself not knowing what to do during the current pet food recall. What was I going to feed my dog when I couldn't trust the food supply? I started by looking at what's in dog food. I took that information and did my own search for the best dog food to buy. Finally, as the recall spread, I looked into recipes for homemade dog food as a solution to the problem and take control of what I feed my dog.

So what's in the dog food we feed our pet? The raw materials are grain, meat, and fat. The manufacturers also add vitamins and minerals during the process. The process is very similar to making bread. The mix goes through several cooking phases, where the various levels of moisture are created. Wet foods are created early in the process. For dry food, the majority of water is removed until it eventually is cut into the familiar "kibble" that we pour in our dog's dish.

Recipes for homemade dog food give us complete control over the ingredients and processes used to make the food. The best dog food manufacturers use a minimum of fillers and additives in their process. You can create dog food with the right mix of meat, grain, and fat that your dog needs without any of the fillers and additives. During the recall, we've heard a lot about rat poison and melamine in one of the grains (wheat gluten) used in pet food. By making your own dog food, you eliminate the risk.

Making your own dog food is not really that much different than making your own dinner. Recipes for homemade dog food are readily available. If you are careful with the ingredients and get the right mix, you can make food for your dog that might be better than what you're eating! This gives you the confidence that what you're feeding your dog is truly the best.

So what are the best recipes for homemade dog food? While there are many good recipes, the process of how you make the food is vitally important too. I follow a specific process to make my dog's food that works well for him. However, to be really certain of what you're making, you need to try different ingredients and processes until you find the best combination. Making your own dog food may be the only way to be really certain of what you're feeding your dog, at least until researchers have found the real problem causing the recall.

Peter Drivas is a pet owner who thinks he should feed his dog better than he feeds himself. To see the latest dog food recipes he's trying, check this website at:

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