Get Rid Of Puppies Behavior Problem

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Get Rid Of Puppies Behavior Problem

by Anbhu Selvan

The first thing you should understand about alleged ?behavior problems? is that they are rarely a problem for the dog. Chances are pretty good that he enjoys digging up your garden, tilting over the trash, jumping on you, chasing any cat or un-stuffing the couch.

Problem correction, like command training, has an expected sequence of steps you must follow to be successful:

Prevent Unwanted Practice

Before you could attempt to any changes make sure that you are not creating another problem. If you don?t give the dog what he requires, a proper diet, plenty of exercise and daily dealings or if you give him more than what he can actually handle, crate him for long hours, constantly excite him or may be frighten him frequently, he would not be able to give you his best.

Now prevent the accidents until you and your dog are actually prepared. Crating, closing doors, moving the cat box or bowl, or may be keeping him on lead with you are just a few ways to minimize mischief. When you leave, lock him safely.

Teach Better

Always give your dog a way to succeed, a way to earn rewards. With behavior problems, ask your self ?What behavior we want??

Often ?sit? is a normal option. A dog who is sitting cannot be jumping up, stealing food from the kids counter tops etc... One of the best ways to address a surplus behavior is to just spend several days working on the desired alternative until your dog would do it quickly and more reliably by clearly directing him to the desired behavior, he quickly learns how to earn approval and rewards.


Behavior problems can not be willed away. It doesn?t really help to think about crating him or to think setting up a training situation. Do it. We?ve seen people resolve similar difficult canine problems for which we held out little hope of recovery. It has achieved through pure diligence and pure commitment. Not every problem has a solution, but most they do and that solution is 100% dependent on you. Take the time and create a minor miracle.

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