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Get a Dog Trainer

by Eric Hartwell

Dog trainers abound the world today, all offering their own approach, personality, methods and viewpoint in training your dog. Their prices also range from $240 for three days to $775 for five days. Some offer three weeks long training, too. From the long list of dog trainers, how do you find the one that is best for you? Well, fret no more for here are some fabulous tips on finding the best dog trainer:

The Qualities of a Top dog Trainer:

The first step to finding a quality dog trainer is to look for someone you actually like. By that, I mean someone you trust enough to train your dog and someone you believe could do the job right. You are entrusting your dog to the trainer, so find someone who does not have any cruel streaks in them. Be a good judge of personality. Dog trainers should be kind to animals, remember that! They should never resort to cruelty and pain when training your dog. Beware of trainers who hit dogs to make them obey.

It is always more beneficial if you find a dog trainer who is a member of a professional group specifically intended for the field. One such organization is the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, a group of dog trainers committed to promote education, dog friendly training techniques and respectful handling of your dogs. A good trainer should also offer a selection of training options to choose from. Some trainers do group classes for the dogs. Others do some in-home private training or kennel training. Still others prefer doing training within their own facilities.

A dog trainer should also be able to deliver results even within a short period of time. They should provide you with an exact period to which your dog can achieve specific and disciplined results. Steer clear from those who try to string you along with no specific period to which your dog finishes his training. They should also know different techniques, methods and styles when handling your dog. A trainer?s technique should vary accordingly with any dog he deals with. Beware of those trainers with just one training method for sometimes the results are not satisfactory.

A dog trainer should also be able to admit his weaknesses and limitations. He or she should be able to admit when his techniques and methods are not working with your dog. This way, a change in the method can readily be made and results will easily follow. He or she should be responsible enough to admit mistakes and must also take responsibility for everything that might happen during the training session.

Where to Look For:

When looking for a dog trainer, try asking around your family and friends first and ask suggestions from them. These people would generally volunteer dog training facilities which they have already tried and found satisfactory so it really narrows down your choice. You can also try asking your veterinarian about dog training facilities. Chances ar, he or she knows quite a few which are good.

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