Getting Rid of the Mess Dog Potty Training

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Getting Rid of the Mess Dog Potty Training

by Randy John

Nobody wants or needs an extra mess in their house, especially from a pet dog. If you have just gotten your first dog, or haven?t been able to control the dog?s behaviors, then you can follow these simple tips to help with dog potty training. This can help everyone to have a more pleasant time when they are in the house.

Even if you have just gotten a new puppy, you don?t want to procrastinate dog potty training. As soon as the dog steps into your home is the time to begin the training. Every owner will have unique ways of doing this, but most agree on some simple things. The first is to make sure that you catch the dog doing their business in the wrong place right away. If you wait for too long, they won?t know why you are punishing them. Because of this rule, some owners will have their dogs on leashes where they can watch them in order to ensure they are catching them in the act.

As soon as you catch your dog, the dog potty training begins. You can do this by stopping the dog and tell them ?bad dog.? Make sure that they understand why by showing them the mess that they are making or have already made. Directly after you have told them no, you can then move them outside. Redirecting them to a different area, and specifically to a spot made for all of their bathroom needs is an effective part of the communication to offer for your dog.

After this point, you will need to make sure that you can use positive reinforcement in order to help your dog understand what is right. If they continue their business outside, wait until they have finished then tell them that they are a good dog. You can even let them know by giving them a treat to help them understand that what they did was good. You should never expect your dog to know what you mean with the dog potty training right away. Depending on the dog, it will take repetitive times for them to understand what you mean. It will take a dog anywhere from five to one-hundred times to understand what you are trying to communicate to them. Consistency is a key word to keep in mind as you train.

One of the other parts of dog potty training that you can keep in mind is to give the dog options. For instance, if you know you will be gone from your house for a long time you can use this same technique to teach them to go on newspaper in one area of your house. This will help them to keep you pleased. You can also keep them in a pet taxi for a specified amount of time while you are gone, which will not give them a chance to conduct their business while you are away. If you are dog potty training, you want to make sure to let your dog know exactly what you want. When they get older, you will be glad that you did. Being consistent and communicative are the two keys to making sure that you are able to complete successful dog training.

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