Getting Your Dog To be Clean In The House Can Be Frustrating

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Getting Your Dog To be Clean In The House Can Be Frustrating

by Eric Hartwell

The good times that you have with your pet dog can turn into a frustrating experience when you have to deal with their urinating and defecating needs. Just like toddlers need to be potty trained, so does your pet. However, you need to remember that dog being an animal may have a much slower pace of learning than humans. Hence, the whole experience can be testing at times. You have two options to potty train your pet. Either you can send your dog to a professional who will give him behavioural training. However, getting professional expertise may prove to be expensive. Another cheaper and better alternative is to self-train your dog. The task may be tough, but the rewards will be certainly worth the efforts. Most pet-owners claim that self-training their pet dogs have resulted in nurturing a better relationship with them.

Using a kennel or a crate is a good way to start training your dog. Putting your pet dog in a crate will restrict his moments and create an own personal space for your dog. As a result, your pet?s natural instinct will stop him from urinating and defecating in his personal space and soiling it. Hence, your dog will learn to control his nature calls till he is taken out of the crate. Do ensure, that you take your pet outdoors immediately after you free him from the crate.

Establishing a schedule also helps in expediting the potty training process of your pet dog. On scheduled times, take your pet outdoors to eliminate the wastes from his body. Dogs usually feel the urge of peeing and urinating when they wake up in the morning, after they consume their food and after a heavy session of play or exercise. Hence, make sure that you take them outside during such times on a routine basis.

A master can best train his pet dog. Hence, it is vital that you personally train your pet for toilet training and let your bond grow! The rule to be followed while toilet training your pet is ? praise him when right and scold when wrong. Remember, potty training may take time, but once your pet becomes trained in it, he will keep it in mind forever. Result? You will say goodbye to all the pee and poop cleaning that you used to do, thanks to your pet dog!

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