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Give Your Dog A Bath

by Peter John Mason

I am sure that all of us remember our parents telling us at one time or another that having a pet is not all fun and games. There is a lot of responsibility that comes with owning a pet, and responsible dog owners will recognize that this includes giving you canine pal regularly grooming. Whether your dog has long hair or short hair, its coat need to be taken care of in order to ensure their health and beauty. This care does not just include regular grooming; it also means that your dog must be bathed frequently. You can tell that this is necessary not just to the physical appeal of your dog but also to its mental health as well; all dogs act happier after a good clean and groom.

You can usually tell when it is time to give your dog a bath by the way it smells. Some dogs are designed to repel mess better than others, so they will not need to have a dog shower or dog bath as often. Diet and surroundings will also determine how frequently you need to wash your pooch.

Most people will use their bathtubs to clean their dogs in. The area is easier to clean up, and there is easy access to hot and cold running water. There is also a lot of room. You'll need the running water available so that you can get all of the shampoo or soap out of your dogs fur to avoid and itchy and matted appearance. Remember that you should have a spray attachment on the faucet in order to do the job properly.Having an obedient dog is great during bath time, as he will sit and stand when you ask, according to what parts of him you are cleaning. If you start this process as early as possible, your dog will automatically know where to go when it is bath time.

Remember that you will need a diluted shampoo for your dog's coat, as full strength will be too expensive and is also a lot harder to rinse out of his fur. One good, thick towel will usually suffice when it is time to dry your buddy off.

Small dogs don't even have to use a full tub, they can easily fit in the kitchen sink. You could also just use a big tub outside, but this is really only an option in the summertime in most places.

Most dogs love to take a bath, and the only real problem you will have is overenthusiastic dogs. They love to get clean, most love being wet, and best of all, you are paying a lot of attention to them. Warm water will often prove soothing to your dog as well.

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