Good Citizenship Training for Dogs

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Good Citizenship Training for Dogs

by Kristi Patrice Carter

Everyone has had the experience of being pounced on by an over exuberant dog. This can be an unwelcome and alarming experience for many people. The responsibility of every dog owner is to train their dog to be the best citizen they can be.

Citizenship training is not as complicated as it may seem. All it involves is teaching your dog basic good manners. Your intended goal of good citizenship training is to own a dog that can interact appropriately in public. After all, you and your dog cannot live in a bubble and will have to interact with others at some point.

One of the first steps is to get your dog acclimated to other people. Many dogs are skittish around other people and bark at them incessantly. Other dogs are so happy to see other people that they pounce on them out of excitement. You can start by slowly introducing your dog to other people. Take your dog to a public area and walk slowly towards people. When your dog gets anxious, stop advancing and calm your dog down. Once your dog is calm, get a little closer to the people. This may take several days, but your dog will eventually learn how to properly approach new people.

People, especially children, may approach you and ask if they can pet your dog. Part of citizenship training is to teach your dog how to sit properly and accept petting. Many dogs are afraid to have others touch them or are not used to being approached by strange people. Teaching your dog how to accept petting from people without fear or resentment is a basic part of dog citizenship training.

There are many resources available if you are interested in learning more about dog citizenship training. While there is a lot to learn in order to properly train your dog, you can learn the essentials in order to train your dog in the basics of citizenship. Many dogs just need a little training from their owners in order to learn what they need to know in order to function in society.

If your dog needs more training than you can conduct on your own, then do seek the expertise of dog training professionals. Some habits are very difficult to break and will require advanced training. Many pet adoption agencies and pet stores offer citizenship training classes. If they do not offer classes, call your vet and ask them to provide a list of dog trainers.

Dog citizenship training will help your dog interact with others in the community. This allows you and your dog to have a happy and healthy relationship with the people in your neighborhood and community, ensuring the two of you will have a long and happy public life together.

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