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Good Food for Great Dog

by Joanne Delos Reyes

We may have seen pet shops as an ordinary establishment for our paw friends. They give the basic services a dog needs. Medical needs, first and foremost. The much needed medicine, the emergency situations which requires the most delicate hands and the most loving heart while grinded in pressure.

They had expanded like growing redwood trees in the state of California. They?ve added services like a girls? best shopping buddy, the boutique. They give new fashion statements as quickly as a general on the army orders his troops to man the mountain range before the enemies cross the lines.

Now entrepreneurs have entered the animal kingdom to try and dominate the field by giving animals what they love most, food!

No they?re not introducing a new bag of dog food nor are they launching new sets of doggie treats. They have the most luxurious of ambitions, opening a dog restaurant.

What?s on the menu? Of course, appetizers, full course meals and desserts! What else were you thinking?! They are like us in every bit of sense, we just walk straight and we are thinking more than they do.

To get them in the proper mindset, dogs are given special formula?s and vitamins as appetizers. These formulas contain essential nutrients and vitamins and can increase dog appetite. Also are nitpicky biscuits that nourish the coat and provides prescribed daily amount of calcium. Pretty healthy!

A full meal has various selections, lamb, pork, beef, chicken and turkey. Seafoods are not available, sorry. They come in different cooking recipes. The most notable meal that owners will give their dogs is lamb meat. These selections are certified safe for dogs by veterinarians.

They have lamb, rice and vegetables. Chicken with asparagus. Beef with broccoli. Saut?ed pork with strips of chicken.

Vegetables will never cease out since certain owners are sensitive with their pets health.

Desserts are very delicious! Even pet owners can order for themselves. Ice cream, banana split, drinks with a it of alcohol and soda?s. coffee?s served for owners of pets!

This restaurants can accept delivery orders provided the owner has a membership in the said restaurant.

The bill isn?t that much. They are priced like ten percent below normal human food orders so owners need not worry for their socialites!

Everybody would be surprised to learn that they would be fed properly by others. It?s a way to a person?s heart.

Give your dogs a break! They need to enjoy life as much as possible. Give them whats due to them for all the barking, the protection, the loyalty, understanding and trust that our dear paw gave us through this time.

Remember, everyone?s equal.

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