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Got A Dog Name

by John Grimes

When you buy, adopt or are given a pup, one of the first tasks is to figure out what you will name it. Most people rush into this task, but should take a bit more time.

Got A Dog Name?

One of the more hilarious names for a pup I have ever run across was Dioji. A neighbor of mine had a mutt by this name and absolutely loved the pup. Frankly, I think the dog lived better than he did. One lazy day, I asked him where he came up with such an exotic name for the pet and what it meant. He looked at me like I was an idiot and told me to say the name slowly. D..o..g.

Notwithstanding this humorous approach, it is important to give some thought to naming you pup since it is going to most likely be permanent. If you are thinking about popular names, there are more than a few for pups. Popular names for male dogs include Max, Bud, Rusty, Tucker and so on. For females, names such as Lucy, Tessie, Missy and so on are also popular. You can?t really go wrong with such names, but some pet owners want something a bit more unique.

When it comes to unique names for your pup, the key is to make sure you understand what the name means. While an exotic name sounds great, you can feel a little silly when someone tells you the name means ?stove? in another language.

An interesting approach to picking a name is to look to historical figures. The names tend to be catch and most people with recognize them. You can even match them to the nature of your dog if you have it figured out. Names such as Sherlock for Sherlock Holmes, Van Gogh and so on are certainly acceptable.

Picking a name for your pup is a very personal decision. If you get flustered, you can always go with Dioji!

John Grimes is with All Terrain - makers of natural pet products for the outdoors.

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