Gourmet Dog Treats What to Look Out For

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Gourmet Dog Treats What to Look Out For

by Joseph Then

Today, more and more people want to treat their dogs as part of their family and gourmet dog treats are just the thing for letting your four legged friend know you appreciate him. All dog owners know that rewarding your dog with tasty treats is the way to his heart.

With families now moving to other areas, many older people find themselves alone and the empty nest syndrome is greatly lessened by owning a dog. Dog owners such as these treat their dogs like they would a human and like to reward them with special treats. Supermarket dog biscuits and treats no longer seem appealing and dog owners have found gourmet dog treats the answer.

Feeding your dog scraps from the table is no longer good enough for the pampered pooch and in fact some of these table scraps may in fact be doing your dog harm. Certain foods that we eat and consider good food is not suitable for your dog and may cause stomach upsets and even worse. Raisins and grapes, for instance, are a poison for dogs and may be fatal.

Many new businesses have started up making these delicious gourmet dog treats to make even your own mouth water. These quality treats range from organic treats made of all natural ingredients, some treats are made using prime quality meats, vegetables and some pastas to specially made birthday cakes complete with piped writing and candles.

The nutritional value of some of these treats cannot be denied as many of these gourmet treats are approved by vets for the added vitamins and m minerals combined in tasty morsels. Tuna fish, oatmeal and peanut butter combined with kibble and eggs. There are also varieties like liver, chicken, beef and plain

There are internet sites galore where you can purchase these gourmet dog treats. They list all the ingredients for you so you know what you are feeding your dog. If your dog has any medical problems or allergies, you can email these companies and they can advise which treats are suitable. Orders can be placed and paid for online and delivered to your door. Check the credentials of all manufactures for yourself and compare their lists of ingredients to find what it best for your dog.

There are also websites that offer you free recipes for many of these gourmet dog treats so you can have your own home-style cookies for your dog, lovingly prepared in your own kitchen and look around for eBooks that are on the market that will give you plenty of information about what foods are really good for your dog, what they do and how best to combine them into a yummy treat.

So if you want more for your dog than the old supermarket style dog treats and feel his love and loyalty are worth spoiling him a little, buy him some gourmet dog treats that are not only tasty but good for him as well.

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