Greatest GoldMine Of Easy How To Stop Barking Dogs Advice Ever Crammed Into One Article

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Greatest GoldMine Of Easy How To Stop Barking Dogs Advice Ever Crammed Into One Article

by Michael Silvester

Are you on the search to find out how to stop barking dogs.

Barking is normal behaviour of the dogs and is quite natural, and with a little perseverance, you can solve this problem. And finally get a little bit of peace and quiet around the house and get your neighbours off your back.

I've compiled a couple of quick tips that can get you out of trouble and save you the most annoying thing on the planet besides the sound of fingernails down a blackboard...Dog Barking and how to stop barking dogs.

Tip 1

Firstly find out what the hell is making your dog bark. Does the dog only bark, when he is playing around? Maybe is trying to tell you something. Is there something teasing him like a cat or a small child somewhere.

Tip 2

Is your dog asking for something? If you dog thirsty or hungry and he might be telling you something.

Tip 3

Try to use positive reinforcement to teach your dog to bark on command, I know this seems a little counterproductive, but it will also teach a dog how to keep quiet on can then also.

Tip 4

As soon as your dog displays excellent or good behaviour to say the word good, followed by reward with plenty of phrase and excitement.

Tip 5

Try to find out what is motivating your dog to bark. Maybe the dog is just trying to get outside to solve this put in the doggie door so that your dog has access to the yard. I'm sure if you sit there long enough you will realise what's making to dog bark. Then try and solve that problem by removing the problem.

Tip 6

Invest in a citronella collar, is a very effective and not cruel like the electric shock treatments. When your dog barks the collar senses the sound or spray a small amount of citronella around the dogs face. Dogs hate it and learn to stop barking. These collars don't work if the dog is running around like a silly bugger. While they're barking. If they run around, you will probably better off getting an electric shock collar. Try to find one with adjustable voltage.

Tip 7

This tip is probably the most important one. And that is to find yourself a book on how to train your own dog. There is only one book that I would recommend to you and you can find the link at the bottom of this article. The book comes highly recommended and will definitely show you how to stop barking dogs? Especially yours!

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