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Grooming Dogs

by Valerie Dancer

Grooming your dog should be enjoyable for you and your dog. Grooming also helps to establish you as the alpha dog. Grooming also gives you the opportunity to be very familiar with your dog that you will quickly recognise any potential problems or illnesses.

First steps of grooming consists of activities like maintenance of coat, nails and ears. The maintenance of the coat mainly consists of enrichment measures like proper bathing, combing, drying of skin by dryers, and more. The animal need not be bathed daily and this helps to protect the skin?s characteristics like insulation feature.

Grooming should start as soon as you bring your puppy home so he gets used to being handled by humans. If you have left it until your dog is adult, the process has to be started slowly, making it as much fun for him as you can, and rewarding him for good behaviour. If your adult dog objects to you grooming him then take him to a professional groomer, to start the habit off, with you continuing in small doses until you have mastered him.

While you are grooming your dog continually issue the commands of sit, stand or down, which ever is appropriate, so that you are reinforcing your authority.

A grooming platform or table will make it easier for you and will restrict his actions a little. The size of the table depends on the size of the dog, and for safety reasons it would be advisable to have a rubber mat. This also gives your dog confidence, as they do not like slippery surfaces.

You need to buy a grooming kit, which would normally consist of special round-ended scissors, possibly clippers, brushes and comb.

Use conditioners and shampoos that are meant for dogs. Combing needs to be carried out with a soft brush meant for use in case of dogs. There are varieties of brushes available and depending on the type of breeds, one can use the concerned brush. This grooming of the coat by a comb needs to be carried out daily and the fallen hair tidied up before you continue.

Nail-maintenance is one of the first steps of grooming activities. Don?t clip too much because this may lead to injuries of nails and bleeding. Use a sharp clipper designed for use in case of dogs. Live nail areas can be easily clipped away and are always light coloured than the reddish area of the nail in the higher position. During the holding of your dog's feet by you, always have a firm grip. If not, the dog will take an upper hand during the clipping and some injury may occur.

Ear canals are to be checked up frequently and sterile cotton may be used for cleaning purposes. Grooming associated guidelines need to be followed strictly by the dog owners.

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