Guidelines When Walking Your Dog

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Guidelines When Walking Your Dog

by Eric Hartwell

Do you own a pet dog? Do you love your dog so much that you observe proper grooming and give him enough food and exercise? Do you spend time with him walking in the park or in your city sidewalks? If you answered yes to all these questions, you should therefore know that you should also be responsible for your beloved pet. There are rules to follow when you and your dog are having a small stroll.

Your Control

Firstly, if your dog is not trained professionally, you must always provide a dog collar and chain or leash and keep your dog as near to you as possible. Dogs usually stroll around away from you so you must keep your dog?s path under control, unless you want to lose him or let him be harmed or harm other people. If you fail to put your dog on a leash, you might find him running after vehicles or joggers or bikers. Being a pet owner, you should know that these doggies, no matter how cute they are, might be a threat for other people when they feel threatened.

You must also take control of your dog because instead of you pulling him near you, your dog might pull you away especially if he is a big one. If the dog is persistent enough, he might even chew on his leash to let himself free. In this case, you must train your dog to behave properly by not chewing on his strap because he might always do this anytime even if you are not there to see where he is going.

Your Dog?s Sense of Freedom

However, the dog should not feel that he is not free, so you, as the owner, should let him break loose sometimes. When doing this, make sure that you teach your pet to follow your rules ? when you call him, he must return at once. Give him a reward, if you must, so he would always follow you.

Bothersome Li?l Dog

Next, you should also train your dog not to bother other people when having a walk. For instance, if there are people who are having a picnic or just eating at a bus station, the dog should know that it is improper to jump at them and snatch the food away from these strangers. Not only will the people be aggravated, but they also might be hurt, for example, if the dog accidentally bites on their fingers.

The dog should be trained not eat food seen on the pathway or given by other people. Such food may contain harmful substances or bacteria which would cause your dog to get sick.

Aggressive Dog

If your dog is playful and hyperactive, you should train him not to jump at other people. Try to lessen the dog?s aggressiveness. Prevent him from attacking and biting other people or animals when aggravated. You might find out that you need professional help with this but you could also train him yourself with just conditioning the dog?s responses to certain stimuli.

Be a responsible person to other people and to your pet dog. Hope you follow these rules to walk by!

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