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Having a Dog Is For Life

by Eric Hartwell

The term is often heard "a dog is for life". Just as with "banner blindness" where we don't see adverts on web pages as clearly as we used to, so the slogan "a dog is for life" can get lost in meaning and importance. But to your dog it is of paramount importance.

Dogs can be, and are, badly treated by owners. These owners did not start off by hurting and abusing their dogs - in fact they may have started with a declaration of undying love for their pet. It developed gradually. And not because the do is bad or mad. But because the owners were not fully conversant with the duties of owners and the responsibilities they were supposed to undertake on behalf of their pet.

It is sad to see dogs still wagging their tails and being pleased to see their owners when the next thing that happens is that they get smacked, punched, kicked or worse. Dogs will continue to give their love unconditionally despite widespread and frequent abuse.

Yet, if the owners were aware of their responsibilities before buying the dog, then these situations could be avoided or the purchase not gone through with in the first place.

Dogs require very little. They don't even ask for love. But just like any animal they will need food, warmth and toileting. They are totally dependent upon humans for their development and sustenance. They will continue to give love and affection throughout their short life. Will owners ever expect and commit to do the same?

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