Having a Dog is Your Responsibility

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Having a Dog is Your Responsibility

by Eric Hartwell

Dogs are a man?s best friend, but this doesn?t mean that we have to become enemies with our neighbors who are intolerant to a dog?s incessant barking or other forms of bad behavior. As owners and part of the neighborhood, it is their responsibility to train the dog to behave properly. Let him know that you are the alpha male of this pack and always be consistent and firm when it comes to training your dog proper behavior.

Whilst having a dog can be fun and an exciting time, it is important to remember that your ownership can affect others - including those that themselves have a dog. Walks in the park can become a nightmare if your dog is unruly or badly behaved. Small children (and even larger ones and even adults) can be frightened by dogs especially if they are aggressive or over friendly. It is you that should lead the example for the dog.

Don't let your dog terrorise the neighborhood and don't let him attack or frighten children, adults or other dogs. If he is aggressive then he will continue to be so unless you curb his behavior. It is your responsibility to look after your fellows in the vicinity - and just as you would drive a car safely then you should be aware of the need to control your dog and prevent any mishaps or bad feelings. There are many instances of poor dog relationships in society and a dog that is aggressive could easily turn out to be a dog that you eventually disown. That is no good for you or the dog.

Moreover, there are instances of dogs maiming and even killing other animals and even children. Don't let your dog turn this way - you have the power to control him. If you don't have that power, seek professional advice and guidance from trained dog trainers

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