Having a Hard Time Naming Your Dog

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Having a Hard Time Naming Your Dog

by Mike Mathews

History has shown us that people have been naming their dogs for as long as they have kept them. Archaeological digs from around the world have given us proof that mans best friend was given a name. We know many ancient Egyptian dogs? names from leather collars as well as reliefs, stele and statuary. They included such names as Brave One, Reliable, Good Herdsman, North-Wind, Antelope and even "Useless". Other names come from the dog?s appearance, such as Blue or Snow, while still other dogs were given numbers for names, such as "Seven". Many of the names seem to represent endearment, while others convey merely the dog?s abilities or capabilities.

Naming a dog today has become a challenge as more and more people become dog owners. We all want our pet to have that unique name which no one else has. However there are certain common sense guidelines that should be followed when naming your beloved puppy.

1. Remember, you will be using and yelling this name thousands of times in the life of your dog, if not hundreds a day. Choose a name that rolls off the tongue easily. Most trainers and breeders suggest a two syllable name. Your puppy will find it easier to learn and you will have an easier time saying it.

2. Choose a name that stays away from common command words (sit, go, down, fetch etc). Name like Brown, Sitah, Bogo, Fletch can confuse a puppy being trained to behave, as well as older dogs whose health and hearing are fading.

3. Remember, your dog will be with you for a long time, so a name that seemed cute and adorable while he was a puppy may not be such a great name in her later years. You will need to guide small children should they be allowed in on the process as they will always go for the cute and embarrassing.

4. Using your dog?s unique appearance, abilities and capabilities is a great way to come up with a name. Your Beagle could be Patches, your Rhodesian Ridgeback could be Big Red or Lion and your new Shar Pei could be named Wrinkles.

5. Let your dog decide her own name by narrowing down the choices to a few, then calling the names to your dog. Whichever one he comes to could be the one. Conversely, you could place the chosen names on separate paper and let your dog decide by sitting on the name she wants.

However you decide to choose the right dog name for your new pet, be comfortable in the fact that you are not alone in the difficult task of choosing a name. just remember to choose the name you and your dog are most comfortable with and you won?t go wrong.

About the author: Mike Mathews is a Dog owner and has shown his dogs in the past. He is a writer and contributor to the popular Dog breed site http://www.dog-breed-facts.com. He has also written an eBook titled "Choosing and Training Your Dog".

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