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Healthy Dog Treat

by Jay Frankel

A healthy dog treat can be offered to your canine companion for a variety of reasons. To reward good behaviour; to elicit the response you want from him (in other words, a bribe), as a training aid or just simply to show him you love him

It is important, as a responsible dog owner, that you select a healthy dog treat when looking for a tidbit for your pooch. Dogs love to snack. Have you ever known a dog to turn down food? By sticking to a healthy dog treat dog owners can be sure that they are not endangering their dog's good health.

Some of the healthy dog treat snacks you can buy have positive health advantages for your dog. They may be formed by specialised compounds that keep teeth clean; they may be enriched with particular nutrients that your dog requires. Some of healthy dog treat items you can buy may be used in association with a toy and this can keep your dog amused for hours if it is necessary to go out and leave him

It is important to check the calories content in any healthy dog treat before you buy it. Obesity in dogs can be life threatening in much the same way it is in humans. If you have a small dog please give a healthy dog treat that is sized in proportion. If you only have a large healthy dog treat to hand consider breaking it into smaller chunks.

Always buy a proper healthy dog treat that is formulated to be given to animals. A lot of made-for-humans food is actually dangerous for dogs. Chocolate and grapes are two things which can be highly toxic to dogs and should never be offered, no matter how appealing the look he gives you.

So now you know that you should always give your dog a healthy treat. After all, we're talking about your companion here. I don't know about you, but my dog is like my baby. I want him to live as long as possible and the only way to ensure that is by feeding him a healthy diet. So now that the idea has been endlessly drilled into your head, where do you get healthy dog food? You can most certainly buy it at specialty pet stores but to be frank, it's overpriced and not as healthy as the labels suggest.

The answer? Learn how to make healthy dog food snacks with food you have in your fridge. That's right you heard me. You are going to save a TON of money, making your dog healthy snacks. After all, the same principle applies to your family when you go grocery shopping. You wouldn't buy every single meal prepackaged for your kids would you? Not only would you spend a fortune but you'd be giving them all kinds of prepackaged junk. Natural food is where it's at and with the side benefits being health and wealth (your own savings that is) who could argue?

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