Heartworms The Quiet Dog Killer

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Heartworms The Quiet Dog Killer

by Jason Montag

Heartworms is a common dog disease in the United States and beyond. Heartworms are caused by an organism called a roundworm. Heartworms were discovered in the late 1800's by a parasitologist. These parasitic heartworms live predominantly in the chambers of the heart as well as the lungs and when they are adults and can measure up to 16 inches in length. The major harm that these heartworms cause is stopping the heart chamber valves from completely closing. In severe cases the heartworms can make it into the lungs by moving along the pulmonary artery and into the blood vessels of the lungs. This can cause major symptoms which are loss of body weight, disturbances of vision,dropsy, chronic cough, shortness of breath, chronic heart failure, muscular weakness and eventual death.

All types of dogs can be affected by heartworms but though it has occurred the heartworms are not really a threat to humans. If one dog in the area is infected the major concern is to keep the neighborhood dogs safe.

Heartworms can be cured if caught soon enough. Chemical therapy and even surgery are the techniques used to kill off or remove heartworms from an infected dog.

The best bet to keep your dog safe from heartworm is to get their blood checked for heartworm regularly and put them on a prescription heartworm medication from your veterinarian.

Stay informed and your dog will lead a happy and healthy long life because after all what is more important that that in this world?

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