Heat Exhaustion in Dogs

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Heat Exhaustion in Dogs

by Eric Hartwell

In the summer your dog is going to get hot. That's ok as long as you watch him closely and step in if he is showing any signs of heat exhaustion. This is one unique danger that a lot of dog owners do not think of when the temperatures become extremely hot.

Dogs do not understand when they are getting hot ? they are not human and will play and play whatever the weather until they drop. In the hot months this can be too late and your dog can even die from the experience. So you need to be observant and careful.

Dogs can suffer from heat stress (which is the result of too much exposure and high temperatures) to heatstroke (which is also the result of being in the hot sun too long but with the addition of high humidity levels). The dog can become dry and dehydrated and this can lead to heart failure and possibly brain damage.

Be especially careful if your dog has any type of cardiovascular condition, respiratory issues, is overweight, or is a short-nosed buried - he may experience damage from the heat three times as fast as any other dog.

Watch out for the following signs which may be a sign of heat stroke or exhaustion:

1.If your dog is unsteady or staggering around.
2.Your dog's panting is heavier than normal with or without a slight rasping sound.
3.Is your dog anxious or delirious?
4.Look at the skin - it may be very warm and dry.
5.Is your dog weak or restless?
6.Check your dog's temperature ? if it is high this could be a bad sign.
8.7. The mouth may show signs of inappropriate salivation.
9.Is there any diarrhea and / or vomiting?

Any signs sch as these need to be taken seriously and dealt with immediately. Your dog's life and health is in danger.

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