Help Your Dog Quickly Learn Obedience Training

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Help Your Dog Quickly Learn Obedience Training

by Niall Roche

One of the most commonly held beliefs about dogs is that they are quite literally born to obey their respective masters - be they male or female. That's why we all collectively consider dogs to be mans best friend. Obedience is not necessarily something that comes naturally to dogs and to be honest often has to be trained into them with compassion and patience. Your dog needs to learn how to obey commands so they know how to behave around your home, people and of course other dogs and animals.

Obedience training in dogs is to allow you to "control" the dog. Remember dogs think and act with a pack instinct to a certain extent and this type of training is vital so that the dog knows who the master is in your relationship. In effect you'll become the Alpha male of this particular small "pack". The methods used to achieve this final goal vary from one trainer to the next but the ultimate goal is the same - the dog has to obey their master; it's to the benefit of all involved.

So what actually makes a dog obey their master? They (dogs) don't think the same way as humans do and don't understand our spoken language as such. So what are the core techniques to making a dog obey you? It's quite simple really... you need to train your dog in a consistent and compassionate manner and they'll respond. And you thought it was going to be rocket science eh?

Having a consistent approach in your training is critical. Dogs don't think logically as humans do. You need to be consistent in showing your dog what behaviors you appreciate and those that you don't. This way it can become more "instinctual" for the dog and they'll quite happily obey you and your dog/owner relationship can truly blossom.

Compassion is equally important. Even the smartest dog will take time to learn new commands from you. If your canine buddy doesn't instantly respond to a new commmand then don't scold, slap or shout at him or her. Your dog needs to trust you for your training to be truly effective and let's face facts nobody likes getting yelled at - dogs are the same in this regard.

Your dog is willing to obey you but he's going to take time to learn the ropes. Be patient, compassionate and consistent in your approach and you're already 50% of the way to success.

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