Help with Finding a Dog Sitter

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Help with Finding a Dog Sitter

by Connie Limon

When planning vacation and holiday getaways, don?t forget to plan for pet sitting. Consider using a pet sitter instead of a kennel. It allows your dog to stay in the comfort of their own home and helps the dog maintain a normal routine.

The best of friends, family, and kennels, cannot offer anything better than the comfort of a pet?s own home. Also, having a trusted pet sitter in your home can help protect your home from intruders.

Follow the 10 recommendations below to help you find the perfect pet sitter. Start looking well in advance of your vacation or holiday.

Personal Referrals. Ask trusted friends or family members if they can recommend a pet sitter they have used.

Set up a meeting in your home with each potential pet sitter. Watch how the sitter relates or interacts with your dog. Are they actively involved with the dog or are they distant or restrained around them? Does your dog want the pet sitter?s attention? If your dog and the person interviewed do not seem to click, keep interviewing until you find a good match.

A reliable and dedicated sitter will take notes for the details of your unique dog routines. They should ask you questions, and be concerned of trying to maintain the same routine as the dog has been use to. If they do not ask questions or take notes from you, keep interviewing.

A professional pet sitter should belong to an organization such as PSI (Pet Sitters International) or NAPPS (National Association of Professional Pet Sitters). However, remember these national organizations do not know these individuals or their reputation. Instead, ask for local affiliations and follow-up.

Ask for other client references. These will help you get a clearer idea of what to expect if you hire this person.

Bonding & Insurance. Bonding and insurance protects you in the case of damage or theft of your property. However, it does NOT ensure that the pet sitter is reliable, caring or trustworthy. These traits can often be determined from their former employers (references).

Ask for a copy of their contract. Carefully review the details. A contract will protect you and your dog. It will also spell out exactly what you can and cannot expect from the pet sitter. It should also list the appropriate rates for all services offered. Do not hesitate to ask questions!

Arrange another visit. Arrange for the pet sitter to spend some alone time with your dog. A walk is a great idea. Monitor your dog?s reaction. Is he happy and comfortable with the pet sitter? Or does he seem eager to get away from them? This also gives the pet sitter a chance to see if they can appropriately handle your dog (particularly if the dog is a large-breed, strong or very energetic).

Finally, go with your gut feeling! If it doesn?t ?feel? right, it?s not! Keep looking.

Prepare detailed instructions for your pet sitter. Include your phone numbers of where you can be reached in the event of an emergency. You will also need to give your pet sitter the name and phone number of your vet.

Prepare in advance. Following these steps will ensure the best possible pet sitting experience.

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