Hiking In The Mountains With Your Dog

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Hiking In The Mountains With Your Dog

by Charley Hwang

If you are a nature lover and often go jungle trekking with your pet dog, you would have noticed dangers along the way that would have been harmful to your dog, as it may cause it injuries or even be threatening to its life. To ensure that you and your dog would be guarded against these hazards along the terrain you like to travel on, here are some areas you should avoid and keep your dog away from.

Mountain Lookouts & Dangerous Cliffs

Mountains provide beautiful views and sceneries, and a lot of people enjoy climbing one to spend some quality time there with his dog. There are many dangers along the mountainside, such as the height, and the drop-off cliffs.

Dogs, unlike humans, usually have no fear of heights. In this case, ignorance is bliss. A dog can actually walk alongside the cliff a mile high and would not be concerned with the dangers of falling off at all. When they actually do slip and lose their balance, there is almost nothing they can do to save themselves from falling over the side. There are many areas at edges of cliffs which may be concealed by snow and a dog would not realize that mistake when it is too late.

High Altitudes

Besides the dangers of falling over cliffs, there is also the danger of high altitudes which is harmful to your dog. Older dogs may have difficulties breathing at higher altitudes, and that may result in a tragic death. If your dog has health issues such as heart problems, lung problems or if they are a brachycephalic breed (short-nosed), do try to keep them away from high altitudes as it is more hazardous for them.

As we all are aware, oxygen supply decreases as one reaches higher altitudes. Your dog?s body is not accustomed to this and it may get shortness of breath, or even altitude sickness. Bear in mind that if you started hiking with your dog on a hot day at a low altitude and ended up being in a cold weather at high altitudes at the peak, both of you may not be prepared for the changes that will take place. See below for more information on Dog Obedience.

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