Holistic Approach to Dog Skin Allergy

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Holistic Approach to Dog Skin Allergy

by Mary Rose Antonio

The best way to deal with dog skin allergy is to approach the problem holistically. One dog allergy solution is to make sure your dog enjoys overall good health and has a strong immune system. This way, he'll less likely to react to allergies and develop uncomfortable symptoms.

The following are surefire ways to beat dog skin allergy:

1) Feed your dog some meat - gradually switch to a healthy diet made from high quality whole meats (not meat by-products). You can also try feeding him chicken, turkey, salmon, bison, rabbit, duck, or venison. Remember to rotate the meat.

2) Don't give your dog grains - and that means no corn, wheat and other grains. Try alternatives such as gluten-free brown rice, spelt, amaranth, quinoa, or kamut. These are available at health stores.

3) No preservatives - BHT, ethoxyquin, and potassium sorbate are common artificial additives that are toxic to your dog's health. Check your dog food's label if it consists of any of the above ingredients. If it does, buy other dog food. I use wellness for my dogs.

4) Give him supplements - Antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E as well as CoQ10 and selenium strengthens his immune system and helps prevent allergic reactions.

5) Use natural pest control - Adding garlic, Vitamin B1 or brewer's yeast to his diet helps repel fleas. Commercial flea and tick powders, shampoos, and collars are made with toxic chemicals that can irritate your dog's skin and overburden his immune system.

6) Keep his area clean - avoid using chemicals to clean his area and surroundings.

7) Avoid over-vaccinations - over-vaccination damages immunity and can lead to the development of allergies and other problems.

8) Use herbs - They can help the body rid itself of toxins, including those substances that cause allergic reactions such as burdock, alfalfa, red clover, dandelion , and spirulina.

9) Keep your dog clean - avoid cheap commercial shampoos and conditioners - they dry out your dog's hair and skin and even aggravate his allergies.

Dealing with dog skin allergy holistically takes time and commitment but it is the best dog allergy solution you can give to your dog.

Mary Rose Antonio is a physical therapist for 20 years now, a great believer in natural healing and a proud owner of two dogs. She is also the owner of http://www.ultimate-guide-to-dog-care.com. She invites you to learn more about taking care of your dog.

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