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Home Cooking For Dogs

by Jason Michaelson

It's dinnertime. Do you know what your dog is eating? FDA guidelines concerning commercial dog food ingredient listings DO NOT REQUIRE THAT EVERYTHING BE LISTED!!. Further, that "lamb and rice" commercial dogfood may only be 10 to 15% lamb and rice, while the rest of it is made up of unhealthy chemicals and waste meat.

What about all those fillers and by-products and chemical preservatives listed? Do you know that many of them have been banned for human use? If we can't ingest them, our faithful canine friends should not be ingesting them either.

Do you know if your dog food supply the complete and balanced daily dietary provisions for your dog? And, with the loose regulations on dog food labeling leaving us somewhat in the dark as to what exactly we are feeding our pets, how can you be sure?

There is really only one way to be sure.

Give your dog some good home cooking. Homemade dog food gives us total control over our dog's nutritional needs. You can rest assured that all ingredients are of the highest quality, and add up to a balanced, toxin-free diet.

You do want to make sure that you provide him with all the nutritional building blocks he needs to maintain a healthy body. Animal protein should be combined with vegetables, pasta, rice, cereals and other foods to provide all the protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals needed.

I have a blog at http://www.homemadehealthypetfood.com that contains homemade health food recipes, and also talks about the latest commercial dog food recall.

My name is Jason Michaelson. I am 53 years old, and have two dogs, Sam and Bud.

I have a blog at http://www.homemadehealthypetfood.com, where I talk about my dogs, homemade pet food, and the pet food recall.

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