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Home Remedies For Dog Fleas The Best Flea Treatment For Your Dog

by Ann Wong

Asked any dog owners what?s the one problem that they have to deal with frequently and the answer is clearly this:

?How to get rid of dog fleas?? Many products are available in the market that claimed to be the ?best flea treatment for your dog?. Let?s take a look at what are the readily available flea control products for dogs.

Simply walk into any pet store or supermarket and take a look at the dog flea products. You would find flea collars, flea powder, flea spray, flea shampoos, and the latest addition of topical spot-on solution.

But wait, take a closer look on the bottle of these products and you will find statements like these:

?Avoid contact with skin."
"Harmful or fatal if swallowed."
"This product is toxic to fish, birds and other wildlife."
"Harmful if absorbed through skin."
"Harmful if inhaled."
"Avoid contact with eyes, skin or clothing."
"Keep out of reach from children?

These are common precautionary statements on many readily available dog flea and tick treatment products.

Going by these statements, it sure seems that these products are harmful to us. So does it make you wonder what these products will be doing to your dog when you apply it to them?

There are countless stories of dogs or cats that have suffered some ill effects from the use of these products which further add to the controversy as to whether it is indeed safe to use them on pets. That?s also precisely the reason why more dog owners are looking towards natural flea control for their dog.

If you are a concern dog owner who detests chemical warfare, then a natural ?home remedies for dog fleas? may be exactly what you are looking for. If so, make sure you check out Part 2 of this article ?Home Remedies For Killing Fleas On Dogs? whereby step-by-step procedures will be given on how killing fleas on dogs can be done using non-toxic and readily available natural products.

Ann owns an animal shelter housing 150 dogs and cats. Understanding the difficulty and frustration of pet owners in getting rid of fleas, she has publish a website on "Flea Control" with the purpose of helping people especially pet owners solve this problem completely. More details on ?flea and tick control for pets? are found within her informative website.

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