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Hot Spot In Dogs

by Robin Plan

Hot spots are a common problem with dogs. The cause can be anything from boredom, stress, reduced immune systems to poor quality food and many things in between. Some dogs will start licking a small place on a leg until it becomes a habit. It will turn into a wet sore that can seem almost impossible to heal with conventional treatments. In the past I tried antibiotic creams, medicated shampoos and wrapped the area, that did work for about 3 minutes.

Hot spots become open, oozing, painful and infected sores if left untreated. There will be a loss of hair and sometimes the sores have a bad odor from the infection. Dogs will hide to lick a hot spot if you have been getting on them to leave it alone. You have to get rid of the sore or the dog will continue to worry with it.

The first thing I did was to make sure my dogs diet wasn?t the cause. Luckily it wasn?t so I started a list of things to try and fix the problem. Let me back track a little and explain how the sore started. My two young Shelties, Riley and Scotty were playing when Riley got a tiny little nick on his front leg. It started as a tooth hole and after a few weeks of him licking non-stop it grew to the size of a quarter. I used Neosporin, bitter apple spray, and several different ?healing? creams and tried wrapping his leg. Nothing was helping until I used a gel with aloe and Oxygene. I was amazed to see it start working within 24 hours and healed in 48 hours. I gave a sample to one of my kennel customers to try on his Golden Retriever with a nasty hot spot. He called me a week later and said the stuff was so good he wanted to buy the company. Well he didn?t buy the company but still keeps the gel in his pet first aid box.

This gel is safe enough to be used as a tooth gel for dogs. It has Aloe Vera, Chamomilla Extract, and Oxygene to soothe and help healing. It?s tasteless and odor free and as toothpaste it helps gums with healing, conditioning and deodorizes. I don?t really know or why it works so well, I don?t get into all the science stuff, I just know it worked for my dog and many others under my care at the kennel. I do know the Oxygene helps destroy bacteria.

I only use products on my pets that are safe and non-toxic. I will not use steroids, antihistamines, or worse tranquilizers with my pets when so many natural remedies are out there. This gel is just one of the products I?ve found from putting in my due diligence while moving towards raising my dogs in a toxin free and mostly drug free world.

Here?s a list of things to try for hot spots:
1. Make sure you feed a high quality diet/ rule out allergies
2. High quality pet antioxidants can help
3. Adding enzymes to diet
4. Play and exercise with your dog to keep boredom down.
5. Add organic coconut oil to diet
6. Groom your dog often during the hot summer months so at least you will find hot spots or slow healing sores early and start treatment before the sore turns into a wet oozing mess.
7. Add this gel to your pet first aid kit

Happy summer to you and your fur kids.

Robin Plan- life long dog lover

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