House Breaking Your Puppy or Dog the Easy Way

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House Breaking Your Puppy or Dog the Easy Way

by Aidan Bindoff

Are you having trouble house-breaking your dog or puppy? Find out the easy way to solve your dog's toilet training problems.

The easiest way to train a dog is using reward and repetition. Set your dog up for success, the fastest possible house-training is when your dog or puppy is prevented from making mistakes and rewarded for pottying in the right place.

It all sounds good, but how do we actually achieve this?

Puppies need to be taken outside upon waking, after play, after food, and after drinking. This is about once an hour at first. If you see your puppy sniffing about, take him outside immediately. Don't wait for him to start squatting.

If your puppy does start to go, clap your hands to distract, then pick puppy up and take him straight outside. Praise and reward him when he goes outside.

If you find an accident, clean it up with an enzyme cleaner specifically for the job. Don't rub puppy's nose in it, apart from being cruel, it won't help with toilet training at all.

Every time puppy goes to the toilet outside, associate a word with the action such as "toilet-time", when puppy is finished immediately praise and reward with a game, toy or food treat. Eventually puppy will learn to go when you say "toilet-time".

There are products to help toilet-train an older dog, including special belts which inhibit the reflex to toilet. Dogs who live in apartments may benefit from litter-box or toilet pad training.

For more in-depth toilet training advice, please join the Yahoo discussion list DogHousebreaking where you may ask your specific house training questions and receive informed, practical advice.

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