House Dog Training For Puppies

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House Dog Training For Puppies

by Mylar Skye

House dog training can start when your dog is a puppy but don't expect perfect results until your dog is at least 6 months old. Not until this age will a puppy have enough control over its bowels to be potty trained. Most dog owner start out by training their puppy to eliminate onto newspaper. This is called paper trained. When you are away from home, place your dog in a small room that is lined the room with newspapers. This will teach the dog to only defecate onto the paper. This also makes it easier to clean up. Puppies just don't have the ability to wait to eliminate out doors.

When house dog training a puppy you can begin removing newspapers from the floor when the puppy starts showing a preferred place to eliminate. Soon you will have only a sheet or two of paper on the floor and this will be your dogs regular elimination spot. No more messes around the house! If by chance your puppy eliminates off the paper, just add more paper and slowly take it away again. Soon your puppy will be fully paper trained.

Once you've completed this house dog training, you can slowly give your dog more access to the house. Return the dog to his room with the paper lining after every meal until he defecates. This job is easiest if you are home and watching your dog all day. If you leave for work, keep the puppy inside the confined area with his regular newspaper flooring. This will help him establish an elimination area that he will continually use.

Don't forget to give praise to your puppy when house dog training. Rewards and praise can help your dog become trained quicker and more efficiently. Dogs love to be rewarded with affection, so even a rub on the tummy will make your puppy happy and he'll know he did a good job. Do not scold or punish the puppy for accidents that occur. Just place the puppy back in the confined room with paper lain out across the floor and all will be fine. Eventually your puppy will grow into a well trained dog.

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