House Train A Dog Quick Help

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House Train A Dog Quick Help

by Michael Royce

The good news is that you can house train a dog (an adult dog that is) fairly quickly?faster than puppies anyway?the bad news is, you?ve got to be consistent and actually do the work because your dog won?t have a clue what to do.

So how do you get started?...I thought you?d never ask.

1. Set Up ?His Space?

Create an area where you can confine your pooch?you?ll use it for those times when you?re away or when you don?t want to be keeping a close eye on him?make sure a large part of that space is covered with newspapers too (about 3 sheets thick).

When (not if) he uses the papers, clean up the mess and replace the papers as soon as you can?but place one of the soiled papers right in the middle of the new batch?this will help build the ?here is where I go? idea in his brain. Over time (maybe days, maybe weeks) his ?aim? will improve and you?ll be able to reduce the papered area to maybe just a single sheet.

2. Create a Feeding & Watering Routine

Your best partner in house training your buddy will be setting up and sticking to a feeding and watering schedule?feed and water him at the same times every day ? no exceptions?no snacks in between; no special treats (until he?s trained)?in this way his body will automatically respond to the schedule and be predictable?this will help you immensely with your house training.

3. Observe, Observe, Observe

Keep an eye on him at all times (when he?s not in ?his space?)?now that he?s on a schedule, you?ll find out that Fido will need to ?go? shortly after each feeding session, and perhaps shortly after each watering session and maybe a few more unpredictable times?watch him closely and learn what his body language is when he needs to relieve himself?is he suddenly restless; is he sniffing around; is he (and wouldn?t this be great?) scratching at the door?

4. Do Your Leg Work

When he ?shows the signs,? put him on a leash and get your legs workings?take him outside to the place you want him to use. Make sure this is the same place every time?don?t confuse him by switching it around on him.

Be patient and while he?s sniffing around, repeat a command he can associate with this behavior in the future?use something like ?go, go, go? or ?time to go boy,? etc?then when he finally ?goes,? make sure to give him a lot of praise and strokes?you want him to associate that praise with his actions so his little doggie brain will remember ?Go Outside = Good Stuff?

5. Correcting Mistakes

If he goes ?where no dog has gone before,? immediately, make eye contact with him and correct him with a firm ?No? then lead him to the place you want him to use (either outside or to his ?papers?)

But you must remember (and never forget) you can only correct him if you catch him in the act?if it?s any later, even just seconds later, your correction won?t work; he won?t make the connection you want?in fact, it will have a negative impact?so, if you miss your chance, you?ll just have to be more vigilant and catch him the next time.

But once the deed is done, clean up the mess completely and remove the odor completely too, because it will be the smell that brings him back to that spot for a return visit.

6. Keep Your Attitude Positive

Keep in mind that house training any dog takes time?it could take weeks?some dogs will be able to control themselves sooner than others and some will learn what you want from them sooner than others. If you want to be successful in the shortest amount of time, it?s up to you to maintain the right attitude and be persistent and consistent so your buddy has the best chance to learn.

I hope this helps?thanks for reading.

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