House Train Your Puppy With Crate Training

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House Train Your Puppy With Crate Training

by Noah Michael

Dogs instinctually will not pee or poop where they sleep. You can use this principle to easily house train your puppy with crate training. A lot of pet owners have a misguided negative impression of crates as if their puppy will be locked up in a jail cell. The crate is actually more akin to a cave or den or a child's bedroom or playhouse. The crate is a positive thing which will reassure, relax and recharge your pet. It should never be used negatively for punishment, instead it should be used positively. Feed your pet near the crate. Put special treats inside the crate. You can make your own crate, buy one at a pet store or even use a closet, laundry room, or bathroom as a 'crate.' The area must not be too much bigger than your pet because if there is a corner far enough away from the sleeping area, that corner will become the bathroom.

You can keep your dog in the crate for up to 4 hours and when you open the crate, take your dog immediately to the backyard, always to the same spot. When the puppy starts to pee or poop, praise it sincerely and enthusiastically and use whatever command phrase you desire, for example "go potty, good go potty." The puppy will soon learn to associate the command phrase with the behavior and you can communicate what you want by putting it outside and giving the command.

You need to establish a routine with feeding as well as with 'potty breaks'. Every 3 or 4 hours you should take your puppy outside. Almost all puppies will need to be taken out at least once during the night.

Do not scold or yell at your puppy for accidents. Unless you catch him in the act, he will not be able to understand what you are upset over, making him more anxious and more prone to accidents. In the event that you do catch him in the act you should pick him up and take him quickly outside to finish, praising him as usual when he does.

If your puppy will be left alone for more than 4 hours you really need to find a friend, family member or neighbor who can stop by during the day to let the puppy out. Leaving a puppy crated for any longer is not only unfair to the animal but is just asking for an accident which will be a major setback to your house training progress. If you cannot find anyone to stop in you should definitely look in to the doggy day care options in you area as they are usually very affordable and an all around great experience for your puppy.

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