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House Training A Dog

by Lee Tuan James

House training a dog can be challenging for a dog owner but if you are concerned about your pet and your relationship with him then you should try to at least train him in terms of the proper places to urinate and to defecate.

House training a dog can be a test of willpower for both your dog and you included. You have to be very patient and avoid shouting at your dog if he accidentally does his thing inside the home despite your earnest efforts to house train him.

Shouting at your dog or hurting him will just make him realize that he should do his thing in hiding next time. Bad for you because he may just learn to pee or defecate inside the house when you are not around. Worse, he can just do his thing in corners that are harder to discover.

House training a dog can be like training a child in the proper ways of urinating and defecating. It can be challenging at first but your efforts will definitely pay off later on and it will be well worth it. It is just a matter of training your dog when he is still young and has not yet fully learned any bad habits.

While you are striving at house training your dog, you should take him out at certain times of the day so he can associate urination or defecation with going outside the house.

If you catch him while he is about to do his dirty deed inside the house then you should interrupt him by loudly saying NO! This should disturb his intentions for a while so take advantage of this sudden lull and take him outside for a walk. Command him to PEE after a few minutes and give him a reward if he is successful in doing that.

You should establish this routine of taking your dog outside for urination and defecation purposes until such time he gets used to it. Of course you cannot expect your dog to immediately catch up because dogs, especially puppies less than six months old, could not hold their bladders for long periods.

Dogs usually need to urinate or defecate a few minutes after waking up and after eating their meal. It is best to feed them regular hours so you will be able to monitor the times when they have to urinate or defecate.

Expect accidents to happen while you are house training a dog so it is wise to put some papers in the room. Also be prepared with cleaning materials like water and deodorizer to get rid of the smell of urine or dog waste.

House training a dog can be challenging but it is not impossible with a lot of patience.

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