House Training Dogs 3 Top Tips

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House Training Dogs 3 Top Tips

by John Coutts

Does your dog or puppy have the occasional "accident"? Do they ignore you when you call on them? Is your frustration with house training dogs reaching an all-time high? If so, you need help. This article sets out to guide you in the right direction to being the master that your dog will listen to and instantly obey.

1. Young dogs, especially puppies, need to go often every day. It's no use getting upset when there's a puddle on the floor, or worse. You need to watch him and know the signs. If he suddenly gets up from lying and stands with his nose to the floor, grab the dog and take him outside quickly. Never use punishment in training. It simply does not work. Praise him when he does his toilet outside and frown in silence when he makes a mistake inside. He'll get the message if you persevere.

2. You speak and understand English. Your dog does not. Use the same phrases for the same desired actions. Potty training for dogs is not easy, but steady persistence will pay off. "Need to go potty?" or something similar spoken in a friendly manner, followed by taking him outside, will implant the message that the words mean a trip outdoors, which he loves. And when in this happy environment, he'll also figure it's a good time to squat down and let it all go.

3. Be consistent with your dog training commands. Speak the same phrases in the same tone of voice to get the same results. Also, use the same actions and body language. You dog is not an Einstein, but he does have more than enough intelligence to learn simple things, so keep it simple and consistent. House training dogs can be fun!

Potty training for dogs will certainly try your patience! But whether you're house training dogs at the puppy stage, or training adult dogs, the same things apply. Be gentle and patient. Expect the right results by consistancy and perseverence. And learn to "read" your dog. It will pay off in the long run.

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