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Housebreak Your Puppy

by Daniel Faegnell

You may find it strange, but it is true that most animals do not foul their beds by instinct. The same applies to dogs. The mother dog keeps the 'den' clean till the puppy is four weeks of age. Thereafter, the puppy is taught to use the area away from is' bed as the bathroom. However, this technique may not be practical enough for you.

You may follow a different method to house break your dog. Let us understand your dog's psychology first. Your dog considers the whole house, as one big room. Asking him not to use the bathroom may not be a successful trick as your dog thinks that the word "No" means the whole house. You must try to teach your dog to visit the appropriate place to attend the nature's call.

Questions on How to Housebreak a Puppy:

My question revolves around the ''water pickup'' of our 13th week old German Shepherd pup. One of your articles indicates during housebreaking that you take the water up at around 8pm or so. This has done wonders and he is no longer eliminating in the crate. At what point can you leave the water out longer? We are slowing allowing him to drink up until 9pm. He typically goes to bed at 12:30 am. However he is ALWAYS looking for the water.

Thanks, Ferdinand


This is a matter of experimenting. You will know when you should have picked it up.

If the dog is always thirsty - I would talk to the vet if he is overly thirsty. Have them tell you how much a dog should drink in a day (I have never measured it) and then see if its drinking way more than that (measure it out).

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