Housebreaking A Puppy Or Dog

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Housebreaking A Puppy Or Dog

by David Lambert

Your bedroom rug, the drawing room sofa, your Persian carpet; everything seems as good a place as any for your little pup to go cool his bladders on!

If you have just brought your pup home therefore, buckle up and get ready to save your upholstery and carpets by means of a simple method we call Housebreaking.

Now, here is what housebreaking is all about. We humans tend to visit the toilet when we feel like we must relieve ourselves, in one way or the other (thank god for that!). However, our pooches do not have mother potty training them at the age of 1, telling them to take a crap at some fixed time on a shiny blue potty, and hence they tend to treat everything like a big old lavatory. And that would be good if we were dogs perhaps but most average human beings tend not to like that sort of thing. So what we have to do is potty train our doggies ourselves. And this training, to cut a long story short, is what we call housebreaking.

Now, facts first. Remember, no pup is able to keep himself from peeing or relieving himself in some other form, till about 12 weeks of age. Your attempts at training your dog therefore must begin before this.Most puppies need to engage in bathroom related activities approximately 6-7 times a day.Every time your dog seems to be following its tail rather slowly, and doing giddy rounds around a non-descriptive area put your shoes on to take it out, cause its getting ready to relieve itself Take your dog out every time it has a meal because food immediately puts pressure on its colon and bladder.

The first lesson in housebreaking, communicate with your dog. Make sure you let your dog know that you do not like him peeing all over the drawing room loud and clear. No there isn't any need to use violence; just a loud NO should do the trick. For best results catch him in the act so that he has no problem in associating the rebuke with the exact action.

Keep a keen eye on your pooch. As soon as he looks like he could do with a visit to the good old lavatory take him out. Once he relieves himself at the right place pat him to show how much you appreciate the fact that he didn't pee all over your favorite rug. Give him a biscuit, and an appreciative nod and hell know.

See, dogs are like politicians, always eager to please. They will do anything to get cuddled and patted by their masters, thus its always easy to make them do things as per your requirements. You want him to pee outside? Show him how happy you are when he does so and hell do it always, you want him to crap every morning? Give him a friendly pat and hell bound off to be at it everyday. For your part make sure you know your dogs habits, build your routine round his, try and find out what his usual urinating or defecating times are, is it after dinner? Before going to bed? Or right in the morning? Take him out accordingly.

Proper communication will ensure your pooch's proper health and your peace, and of course a clean bedroom rug.

David Lambert is a dog lover, positive dog training enthusiast and creator of

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