How Can I Get Rid Of Fleas On My Puppy

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How Can I Get Rid Of Fleas On My Puppy

by Kimberly Talbot

Finding a safe alternative treatment for puppies with fleas can become stressful. Puppies can't use the same flea medications that a dog over 12 weeks old can, so what can you do? When you find fleas on your puppy, you should worry. A puppy who has fleas can become severly lethargic and dehydrated if you don't take care of the problem. When a flea bites a puppy they will eat 15x's its body weight in blood from your puppy. The blood that they eat comes from the circulating blood flow of the puppy which can and will leave your puppy with anemia, dehydrated and lethargic. This means your puppy will lose interest in food, water along with becoming extremely tired and much less playfull. If you see fleas on your puppy act immediately with these simple steps.

  1. Give your puppy a bath using an all natural oatmeal shampoo with flea repellent in it. The oatmeal will naturally soothe your puppies skin and take away any excessive irritation the flea bites may be causing. The flea medication in the shampoo will help in repelling and killing the fleas.
  2. Fill the tub or sink that you are washing your puppy in full enough to allow your puppy to lie down easily and still keep its head above the water. A flea can't swim so the purpose behind this is to drown the fleas on your puppy. Make the puppy lie down for about 15 minutes in the water. You will see fleas running and popping through the coat of the puppies head. Use a very wet wash cloth to gently rub the fleas from the puppies face into the bath water. Yes this is kind of disgusting but it's safe for your puppy, and it works. Let your puppy air dry so that their skin doesn't become irratated any more.
  3. Wash all pet bedding in warm soapy water then dry in the dryer. If your puppies bed has an insert in it that is not washable take it outside and spray it with a flea spray and let it air dry. After both pieces of the bed are fully dry you can put them together for your puppy.
  4. Use a fined-toothed pet comb, or a head lice comb to thoroughly comb through your puppies coat and remove anymore fleas and flea debris that may be left behind. After each comb through, dip the comb into water to clean the comb completely before running it through your puppies coat again.
  5. Use a flea collar specifically for puppies to help prevent anymore fleas.
To find out more about products that are safe for use on your puppy and to find out other ways to prevent fleas from being in your home, visit How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Your Puppy. You'll learn how to safely treat the inside of your home and the outside as well.

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