How Do Dogs Know When You Are Coming Home

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How Do Dogs Know When You Are Coming Home

by Lance Winslow

Did you know that long time pets, especially dogs know exactly when their masters or owners are coming home? Indeed, they tend to go and sit by the door or go and wait for them to come home. But why to they do this? How can they know and why is it that some of them are so good at it? One researcher; Dale Sheldrake in the UK has proven this to be a factual truth and surmised it has to do with the co-evolution of man next to man?s best friend.

Such non-verbal communication makes sense for the survival of each species living together and perhaps this is why dogs and humans in particular are so good at this. In Africa there is one tribe which goes out to hunt and catches its meal and the tribe starts celebrating prior to their return and warms up the fires for cooking. If nothing is caught they already know that too. In fact they just seem to sense all this, but how? Well evolution and quantum physics do have commonalities and right now many researchers know this exists, but simply are unsure of how it actually works.

Permit me if you will to recommend a good book on this subject; Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home: And Other Unexplained Powers of Animals by Rupert Sheldrake. After you read this book you will indeed understand just why this phenomena is so interesting. Consider this in 2006.

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