How Do I Choose A Dog Breed

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How Do I Choose A Dog Breed

by Matt Ryan

Being a dog owner can be one of the most rewarding things in life and can be even more rewarding if you choose the right dog breed. When you decide to bring a dog or puppy into the home you will soon realize what superb, loving and fantastic companions they will make for your family. However, if you choose the wrong breed of dog for your living situation, it can easily go the other way. Hopefully these quick tips will help you on your way to choosing the right dog for you.

Time and Exercise

Before even beginning your search for a dog, you need to first decide whether or not you have the time to devote to dog ownership. Dogs are extremely social animals and desire your companionship as much as, if not more than, you desire theirs. If your life is busy and hectic right now, dog ownership may not be for you.

For those of you that do live a busy life schedule, and are still determined to choose a dog, then going for a smaller dog breed will be much better than a larger dog breed. Smaller dog breeds, or less active dog breeds, will require less exercise to stay fit and healthy. One caveat you should be aware of is that not all small dog breeds are less active dogs, nor are all large dog breeds more active dogs.

Space and Comfort

The amount of living space you have and the amount of space you are prepared to allot for your dog is a major contributing factor in choosing the breed of dog for you. The most important factor to consider in regards to space is: How active is your dog going to be? If your living space is small, for instance, you may still choose a larger less active dog breed. In contrast, if you choose a highly active small dog breed, you will need to provide the space for them.

In addition to have the space for your dog to reach the activity levels he or she will require, you will also need to choose a dog breed that will live comfortably within your living arrangements. A couple of simple, yet often overlooked questions, one might ask themself when choosing a dog breed are: 'Do I intend on having my dog live outside, am I able to provide a dog house or other means of shelter?' and 'Do I have the extra living space to provide my new dog with his or her own area?'

Available Funds

Yep, money also is a contributing factor to choosing the right dog breed for you. Firstly, can you actually afford the dog itself? Some dog breeds are far more valuable, in a monetary sense, than others. A quick look through your local classifieds will easily inform you of the going rates of particular breeds in your area. Another place you can find information on the prices of dogs is a simple search on the Internet.

The more important things you need to take into consideration are whether you are going to be able to afford to buy dog food, pay for regular vet checkups, medicinal supplies, purchase necessary equipment such as leashes or kennels and grooming. Oh yeah, treats and toys too, dogs love treats and toys.

Every person's life is different and for every person the factors to consider for choosing a dog breed are different. In the end, the right dog breed for you to choose is the dog that best suits your life as it is now.

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